Logo: University of Southern California

Committees and Contacts

Conference Chair:  Dr. Yong Chen, yongchen@usc.edu University of Southern California (ISE)

Conference Co-Chairs:  Dr. Xiaochun Li, xcli@seas.ucla.edu University of California Los Angeles (AME)

Organization - Email

Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis

(ISE) USC – khoshnev@usc.edu

Dr. Satyandra K. Gupta

(AME) USC – skgupta@usc.edu

Dr. Steven Nutt

(MS) USC – nutt@usc.edu

Dr. Stephen Lu

(ISE) USC – sclu@usc.edu

Dr. Maged Dessouky

(ISE) USC – maged@usc.edu

Dr. Yan Jin

(AME) USC – yjin@usc.edu

Dr. Michael Kassner

(AME) USC – kassner@usc.edu

Dr. Qiang Huang

(ISE) USC – qiang.huang@usc.edu

Dr. Qiming Wang

(CE) USC – qimingw@usc.edu

 Chair of NAMRC Scientific Committee: Lihui Wang, lihuiw@kth.se, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Chair of MSEC Scientific Committee: Shawn Moylan, shawn.moylan@nist.gov, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

Chair of ICM&P Scientific Committee: Satoshi Kishimoto, kishimoto.satoshi@nims.go.jp,  National Institute for Materials Science Japan (NIMS)



For general conference, lodging sponsorship, or exhibitor questions please contact:

Shelly Lewis