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Track 1: Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing systems are comprised of products, equipment, people, information, control and support functions for the economical and competitive development, production, delivery and total life cycle of products to satisfy market and societal needs. Emerging research works, in particular in the context of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet, are invited. This track therefore accepts papers in, but not limited to, the following areas of manufacturing systems:

  • ·         Advanced manufacturing enterprises
  • ·         Biomedical manufacturing systems
  • ·         Sustainable manufacturing systems
  • ·         Nano and micro manufacturing systems
  • ·         Modeling and simulation of complex manufacturing systems
  • ·         Computer-aided manufacturing and robotics
  • ·         Wireless sensors and sensor networks for manufacturing
  • ·         Manufacturing systems of renewable energy devices, electric vehicles, roll-to-roll fabrication
  • ·         Digital manufacturing and design
  • ·         Human factors and man-machine interactions in manufacturing
  • ·         Quality and reliability
  • ·         Product lifecycle management