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Track 3: Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) has been adopted in rapidly expanding number of industrial applications, notably in recent years. AM has been demonstrated as a key enabling technology for faster new product development, novel structure realization, new material development, and production of multi-functional structures. As seen in many applications, AM brings a profound change in how a structure is manufactured without compromising performance. Yet, the realization of not only the best but also consistent properties in fabricated materials systems and structures remains as a grand challenge for further adoption and integration of AM in various industrial applications. This technical track aims to bring together scientists, researchers, and engineers from academia, national labs, and industries with common interests in development of new structures and material systems via AM. New design methodologies and new AM process development which facilitate realization of such structures and material systems are also of interest. Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • ·         Lightweight and efficient structures using AM
  • ·         Fabrication of advanced material systems by AM
  • ·         Microstructure and mechanical properties of advanced materials and structures fabricated by AM
  • ·         AM feedstock materials
  • ·         Sustainability of AM (energy consumption)
  • ·         Embedded sensors and integrated functionalities using AM
  • ·         Bio-AM and applications of AM in medical device manufacturing
  • ·         AM as enabling technology in surface tailoring, and part repair and restoration
  • ·         Multi-scale, physics based modeling of AM processes
  • ·         Advanced CAD methodology and tool development
  • ·         Topology optimization
  • ·         Design for AM
  • ·         Next generation of AM technologies & process planning
  • ·         Novel or enhanced applications of AM processes