ASME Paper Submissions


MSEC 2017 Technical Tracks and Symposia


Track 1: Additive Manufacturing

  1. Additive Manufacturing Process Improvements for Microstructure and Material Properties (Call for Papers)
  2. Additive Manufacturing Process Improvements for Part Functionality (Call for Papers)
  3. Advances in Micro- and Nano-Additive Manufacturing (Call for Papers)
  4. Environmental Sustainability of Additive Manufacturing Processes (Call for Papers)
  5. Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing Systems: Integrated Sensing and Control (Call for Papers)

Track 2: Processes

  1. Advances and Challenges in Joining and Assembly Processes (Call for Papers)
  2. Advances in Assisted / Augmented Manufacturing Processes (Call for Papers)
  3. Advances in Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes (Call for Papers)
  4. Advances in Nontraditional manufacturing Processes (Call for Papers)
  5. Innovations in Materials Forming Processes (Call for Papers)
  6. Scalable Nanomanufacturing Processes (Call for Papers)

Track 3: Materials

  1. Advances in Composites Manufacturing Processes (Call for Papers)
  2. Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Processes for Energy Technologies (Call for Papers)
  3. Advances in Processing of Polymers and Polymer-Based Composites (Call for Papers)
  4. Surface and Sub-Surface Functionalization (Call for Papers)
  5. Tribology of Material Removal/Deformation Processes and Machinery (Call for Papers)

Track 4: Manufacturing Equipment and Systems

  1. Advances in Cyber Physical Systems, Stochastic Modeling, and Sensor Networks in Advanced Manufacturing (Call for Papers)
  2. Advances in Data Analytics and Engineering Modeling for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (Call for Papers)
  3. Advances in Data Management for the Digital Thread in Manufacturing (Call for Papers)
  4. Advances in Multi-axis and Multi-tasking Machine Tools (Call for Papers)
  5. Cloud Manufacturing (Call for Papers)
  6. Competitive Manufacturing (Call for Papers)
  7. High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence for Cyber-Manufacturing (Call for Papers)
  8. Innovations in Equipment Design, Tooling, and Control/Automation to Enhance Manufacturing Processes (Call for Papers)
  9. Intelligent Maintenance Decision Making of Manufacturing Systems (Call for Papers)
  10. Monitoring, Sensing, and Control for Intelligent Machining and Inspection (Call for Papers)
  11. Nanomanufacturing of Multi-functional Systems (Call for Papers)
  12. Process-Machine-Interactions (PMI) in Advanced Manufacturing (Call for Papers)

Track 5: Bio and Sustainable Manufacturing

  1. Advances in Analysis, Design, and Manufacturing of Biomedical Devices (Call for Papers)
  2. Advances in Biomanufacturing of Tissue-Engineered Scaffolds and Cellular/Tissue Constructs (Call for Papers)
  3. Manufacturing Process Characterization for System Level Sustainability Assessment (Call for Papers)
  4. Sustainability in Smart Manufacturing: Analysis, Metrics, and Modeling Tools (Call for Papers)

Paper Submission

Authors are encouraged to submit an abstract and full manuscript for review by November 17, 2016 via the conference website. Final revised manuscripts must be submitted by March 08, 2017. The copyright transfer form must be filled out and the presenting author must pre-register by April 06, 2017 or the paper will be withdrawn from the conference.  No papers are to be submitted to the organizers; submissions will only be accepted via the conference website at


Presentation Only Option for Authors From Industry:

Authors from industry who may not get permission to submit full papers are allowed to give presentation only at MSEC 2017. Those who are interested should submit an abstract. Symposium organizers will assess the abstracts and discuss with the authors to determine if the materials they intend to present are suitable for the conference. This option is not available for authors from Academia.